Eta Upsilon Chapter at North Carolina State University

Kappa Delta

Letter to Parents

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for giving your daughter the chance to be involved in this community. We are so grateful everyday for her presence because this group would not be the same without the specific contributions from each individual member. We hope that Kappa Delta is a place that your daughter feels comfortable in her individuality and supported to take on any challenge she may face. 

Thank you for your support, The Sisters of Eta Upsilon


Going through recruitment, I knew little about sororities except that my mom had been a Kappa Delta at University of Oklahoma and had been involved in helping advise some chapters in California at some point. I had seen photos of my mom in college and knew I wanted an meaningful experience, but didn’t particularly think I would follow in her footsteps. As the days of recruitment winded by, I fell in love with KD and would call my mom excitedly. Bid day came and I went KD, I didn’t really know what to think about it at first or how this would change my relationship with my mom.

I was initiated with my moms pin and sharing such an amazing sisterhood and ritual with her has bonded us closer together. When one of my sisters came to my house over the summer, my mom got so excited and pulled out her old shirts, photos and some other items. I have this one sweatshirt with stitched letters from her, and I wear it proudly knowing that my mom wore it in the 80s. Sharing this bond with my mother has enriched my experience in Kappa Delta and I couldn’t have it any other way.


Zoe York, Sister of Eta Upsilon Chapter